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building dreams.

unleash them with Unreal Engine.

Fabio Ardito

lead artist

Fabio Ardito has a PhD in physics and over 15 years of academic research in Brazil’s top institutions. He also has decades of study in philosophy and arts. He uses this knowledge and experience to create realistic and captivating 3D animations for civil engineering projects using Unreal Engine.

our work

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A 3D rendering can make your project stand out. It can show the design, functionality, and impact of your project in a realistic and engaging way. It can convince your clients that you are the best choice for the job.

Eikon Labs works with the leading construction companies in Brazil, and all renderings have helped them secure contracts worth millions of dollars.

bring your project to life

We transform your CAD project into a realistic and captivating film.

realistic landscapes

We use real-life references to create landscapes that are environmentally accurate.

Customized animations

We can help you plan and document every stage of your project’s implementation.

detailed models

We use customized, highly detailed, and accurate machinery and equipament models.

why choose us?

Your deadline is Our deadline

If the work isn't done in time, it is worth nothing.

Civil Engineering Expertise

We are experts in the field’s techniques and practices. You can save time and avoid endless reviews with unexperienced artists.

Real-time rendering

Unreal Engine 5 and Lumen enable us to deliver instant results. We don’t rely on costly and slow render farms.

High-end Workstations

Our machines have top AMD and NVidia hardware for 3D rendering. They handle large scenarios, high-quality images, and yield fast results. They are designed to work best with Unreal Engine, the 3D software leader.